Greek Goulash, My Way

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Greek Goulash; See More Healthy Information Here

There is no doubt, I am a big fan of Greek food and I discovered this recipe on Food Network while Rachael Ray was putting it together, but as always, I put my own skinny healthy spin on it.  This dish contains 4 of the 5 healthy ways to add delicious flavor to your food that I talked about here.  Adding flavor while keeping a dish skinny is essential to for your healthy lifestyle.  Without flavor, who wants to eat healthy?  Not me, that’s for sure. This is Greek Goulash, my way!

Goulash is known to be a type of soup or stew of meat, noodles, vegetables and spices.  It is also considered a one pot wonder where anything goes and will help you clean out your frig.  I took this recipe and made it my own while making sure to include as much nutrition as possible and it is absolutely delicious and one of my husband’s favorite dishes.


1 1/2 pounds of 90% lean ground lamb

1 large can of peeled Italian tomatoes


1 red pepper (chopped)

1 large sweet onion (chopped)

2 medium sized carrots (sliced lengthwise and chopped)

2 stalks of celery (cut lengthwise and chopped)

1 bag of fresh baby spinach

1 cup of your favorite dry white wine

3 cloves of garlic (chopped)

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

1 cup + 1 box of low sodium, fat free chicken broth (College Inn is my favorite)

Dried oregano

3/4 cup of chopped pitted kalamata olives

1 medium sized eggplant

Sea Salt and Pepper

1 cup of feta cheese (crumbled)

Orzo pasta (1 cup, dried)

1/4 cup of flat leaf parsley (chopped)


Preheat oven to 400 degrees.  Peel eggplant, chop up into 1 inch pieces & spread around on a cookie sheet.  Drizzle extra virgin olive oil all over the eggplant, sprinkle with sea salt & pepper.  Roast eggplant for 20 minutes, turn over and roast for another 10 minutes or until entirely cooked down & put aside.

Grab a large stainless sauce pan & put on medium to high heat on the stovetop with 4 tablespoons of olive oil, once heated, add the lamb, 1 tablespoon of oregano, salt & pepper and let brown.  When lamb is cooked, remove from heat, strain any fat and put aside.  Put saucepan back on burner with 2 more tablespoons of olive oil & add your carrots & season with salt & pepper. Add the celery & onions, as they start to cook down, add the red pepper & chopped garlic while continuing to salt & pepper with each combined ingredient to make sure everything is properly seasoned.  Once everything is cooked through & translucent, add the wine, let the alcohol cook out a bit & then add the tomatoes (break apart before adding), olives, 1 cup of low sodium chicken broth, the roasted eggplant, 1 more tablespoon of oregano, stir & let simmer. Add the lamb back in, lower heat to medium low & let flavors combine.

While dish is simmering, fill a stockpot 1/2 with water & 1/2 with chicken broth & 1 tablespoon of sea salt & bring to a boil.  Cook your orzo 2 minutes less than package recommends, drain & add one large scoop of the goulash & a handful of the flat leaf parsley, stir, cover with foil & put aside.

Start to stir in the bag of baby spinach into the goulash until cooked through & the remainder of the flat leaf parsley.  You can then serve each dish with a scoop of orzo, top with the Greek Goulash & sprinkle on the feta cheese.  Greek Goulash, my way, is another one of my healthy skinny recipes and is absolutely delicious, plus, it only gets better each day.  Enjoy!


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