Are olives good for you? And if so, how?

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My husband LOVES olives and really got me into them as an appetizer and also including them in dishes that we make.  One of our favorite types is Kalamata olives because they are so full of flavor and combined with feta cheese and roasted red pepper make a great tapenade.

But outside of their delicious flavor, I wanted to know if olives were also good for you and if so, how? So I did a little research and here are some reasons why you should be eating more olives.

1. Because olives are considered to be a healthy fat, consuming them slows degeneration of your joints, in other words they keep your wheels oiled.

2. Both olives and olive oil are antioxidants so they prevent cancer and other cellular diseases.

3. Eating olives can help you with constipation.

4. Olives and olive oil can aid stomach disorders by reducing gastric juices.

5. Because olives are full of vitamin E they will make your skin glow.

6. Olive oil fights heart disease by creating a healthier balance between good and bad cholesterol.

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