My personal story; why I practice yoga

A few years ago I knew nothing about yoga, but now it’s my favorite way to move my body while also rewiring my brain. To be completely honest with you, like most, I initially got interested in the practice strictly for the fitness benefits and without a doubt, that part has truly paid off.  But what I didn’t realize when I started was how yoga would transform my life in so many other even more beneficial ways.  Why do I practice yoga?

1. It feels so good that I crave it.  After a yoga practice my entire body is fully relaxed, stretched, more flexible and stronger.  Especially before or after going for a run, kickboxing or doing any other form of cardiovascular exercise.

2. Yoga is a constant reminder to live in the moment. It’s incredible how quickly time passes by, even more so as I grow older and yoga has a tendency to slow things down, make me more appreciative and really savor every moment during and after practicing.

3. Yoga has made me feel more grateful for everything that I have in my life.  How? I am not really sure, it just kind of happens with a consistent practice and it’s simply amazing.

4. I have always been a klutz, tripping and falling while rarely able to keep my balance.  Yes, it’s kind of funny at times, but yoga has greatly improved my balance.  Even when I am in a complicated pose and start to lose my balance, I can now get it back and not fall over. I’ve noticed that when I don’t stay consistent with my practice, I start to lose my balance in life again, so I get back on my mat as soon as I can.

5. Yoga is calming and that feeling is taken away with me long after I walk away from my mat.  After a morning yoga practice I take the day in better stride, I’m calmer, more patient, more understanding. Yoga balances the mind to help me stay focused and achieve my goals.

6. Yoga has taught me to be more considerate of others and realize that everybody has a story. Before I judge, I try to understand.

7. Yoga has also taught me to be more aware of the people I surround myself with with clear understanding that their energy can directly affect mine. I can be in a happy place and quickly have it pulled out from under me just by who I choose to spend time with…this one is a biggy!

I could go on and on but I think that you get the point.  I practice yoga because it has transformed my mind and my life in the most positive ways possible.

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