Any exercise is better than none, even 5 minutes

Learn some of my favorite workouts I do to keep my body changing (click pic).

“No time” is the number one reason (or excuse) that most people don’t exercise.  But did you know that any exercise is better than none at all?  And I mean “ANY”, even just 5 minutes counts!

Many believe that if you can’t give 100% to exercise, why bother?  When in actuality the recommended amount of time that you should be giving to yourself each day is just 30 minutes and as I’ve said before, I am sure you are watching television for at least that amount of time.  But even if you can’t find that 30 minutes, research has shown that 15 minutes of some sort of moderate movement each day can increase your lifespan by 3 years.  That’s just an hour and 45 minutes a week!

Here is something that I have learned about getting my exercise in each day.  Even when I don’t feel like it AT ALL, I lace up my sneakers and either throw in on of my favorite DVD workouts or head out the door around the block because once I get started there’s no stopping me.  Remember this as you head into Spring, the hardest part about making exercise a part of your lifestyle is just starting, the rest comes naturally.

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