I choose to be happy and live in the present moment

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For the most part happiness doesn’t just come to you, it’s a choice.  Yes it’s true, some people naturally wake up happy and excited for the experiences and challenges ahead of them each day while others can tend to have more of a negative attitude toward life.

I remember my mother telling me that as I child I was happy every single day.  That positive outlook on life stuck with me and has become a part of my personality.  I believe there is always something to be learned through even the most difficult experiences and I naturally find the good in everything, without thought.  But I have taken this a step further.

Too often life can get in the way of even the most positive of attitudes.  Having to face sad or difficult times can be challenging.  But choosing to be happy and living within the present moment can transform your life.  Just by saying to yourself, “I want to be a positive person who sees the good in everything rather than chiming in with the negative people” can be a game-changer.

Let’s face it, it’s easier to be negative.  It’s easier to become a part of the “misery loves company” philosophy.  If it doesn’t come naturally it’s much more difficult to work at being happy.  Just like it’s easier to be unhealthy by not exercising or being aware of what you are putting into your body.  Being mindful of food and moving your body takes life-long effort.

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