Best 3 foods to detox and cleanse your body

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It may seem complicated or a “new age” sort of thing to do, but it’s not.  Why not drink and eat certain foods that have been proven for centuries to benefit your health and body?  These are not out of ordinary diet choices, they are foods you can buy at any grocery store and incorporate into the meals you already make.  In addition, partnering these foods with detoxing yoga poses that wring out your organs and release built up bloat and gas is a must.

Eating certain foods and partnering them with yoga will detoxify and cleanse your body easily without having to really think about it.  Here are 3 things I eat (or drink) nearly everyday and credit for making me feel and look my best.

1. Green Tea.  Could live without it!  Not only does green tea help to relax and comfort you, it’s hydrating, it’s full of antioxidants, it is an excellent source of vitamins A & C in addition to and improving liver function.  My favorite is Celestial Green Tea with White Tea for Smooth Taste…so good!  Add lemon, another bonus detoxifying food that will not only add flavor but will give you beautiful skin like we talked about here.

Read more from Skinny Healthy Girl here.

2.  Garlic.  A food that I eat every single day.  Whether it’s raw in a hummus or cooked within a pasta dish, I love garlic not only for it’s taste but also it’s powerful properties.  Garlic is antiviral and help keep you from getting sick as we talked about here.  In addition,  garlic stimulates the liver into producing detoxifying enzymes that help filter toxins out of your body.

Read more from Skinny Healthy Girl here.

3.  Green Vegetables.  You can’t go wrong by eating any type of green vegetable from leafy greens, broccoli, peas, celery, zucchini, asparagus or green beans.  I will choose a green vegetable to add or serve alongside everything I cook each day.  After eating green vegetables for an extended period of time you will start to crave them.  The chlorophyll within these foods rids the body of environmental toxins which aids in detoxing the body.

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