Did you know these can cause anxiety; mood swings?

I had always believed that life situations that are mostly out of our control are what cause stress and anxiety.  Since I am a pretty happy person, moodiness for me had mostly stemmed from premenstrual syndrome or just complete exhaustion.  But did you know that anxiety and mood swings can happen from simple choices you make throughout the day?  Well, it’s true!  Here are 5 things that can cause anxiety and mood swings that you can start controlling today and feel better immediately.

1. Skipping meals because you are just simply too busy or too stressed out to stop to eat can actually increase anxiety and irritability.  In addition to that, lack of food when your body needs it can cause dizziness, weakness and confusion.  Always have a protein bar in your purse or glove compartment so if you’re short on time you can still put something into your body to keep it fueled and calm.

2. Lack of water or hydration can seriously effect your mood.  It can be a challenge to drink that recommended 8 glasses of water per day but it is essential to keep the physiological body functions working properly.  Drinking water consistently throughout the day will not only help control your nerves, it will keep you healthy and flush out the toxins.

3. Drinking caffeinated beverages can certainly help wake you up each day and keep you focused, but too much brings on anxiety and can also trigger a panic attack.  In addition, caffeine will increase your heart rate and nervousness.  Have a cup or two of coffee or tea in the morning and try to stay away from it for the rest of the day.  If you must, try a decaffeinated coffee, it still has a little caffeine that will keep you going.

4. Being negative can really affect your emotional well-being.  It’s not usually intentional, some people just have a negative outlook on life while others do not.  The good news is therapy can help turn around negative thinking and with some effort on your part you can live a much happier life.  Being happy improves overall health.  Yoga can also help you appreciate the little things in life a bit more.

5. Drinking too much alcohol or smoking cigarettes are “go to” vices that people think will relieve their anxiety or improve their mood but actually can bring on panic attacks and raise blood pressure.  Drinking alcohol might give an instant relief of stress and anxiety but will only make these symptoms worse over time by disrupting the brain’s ability to be calm.  Drinking too much alcohol will also disrupt sleep which can worsen your anxiety and mood the following day.  Cigarettes are a bad idea entirely, but when it comes to anxiety smoking nicotine raises blood pressure and heart rate while causing breathing problems, none of which will help you de-stress.

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