Stop doing 10 things; start living a more meaningful life

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One of the most difficult things to do is break a bad habit or change a routine.  If you are used to doing the same thing everyday whether it’s good for you or not, it can be extremely challenging to stop. Reinventing the dialogue within your brain isn’t easy but well worth the effort.  If you are willing to try and stop doing the following 10 things right now, you will without a doubt live a more meaningful life.

1. Stop complaining.  No one likes a complainer, it’s a downer.  Yes, everybody has a bad day or a difficult situation to overcome but instead of ranting and raving about it, try to find the positives that come from each experience.

2. Stop living in the past.  This is a tough one because who doesn’t have some sort of regret?  But we can’t go backwards in life, all we can do is learn from our past and take it with us into the future.  Dwelling on the past is simply a waste of your time.

3. Stop trying to make everyone happy.  I am not saying to be selfish and only focus on yourself by any means.  Just don’t live your life trying to please everyone in it because you never will.  People are responsible for their own happiness, the best thing you can do for them is be a positive force within their life.

4. Stop being afraid.  Face your fears every single day if you want to move forward and experience life to the fullest.  Whether it be your fear of spiders or having dinner in a restaurant alone, talk yourself through it and face it head on.  You never know where your fear might take you?

5. Stop feeling sorry for yourself.  If you don’t like the situation you are in, change it!  It might take some time but if you develop a plan and have a goal you will achieve everything that you want out of life.  Of course, you are entitled to have a “pity party” when something undesirable happens to you, but then it’s up to you to find a way out.

6. Stop being so darn negative.  I am shocked at times when people that surround me have only negative things to say.  Why?  Does it make them feel better about themselves?  Well, the truth is positive thinking brings on a positive experiences.  I truly believe this to be true.

7. Stop judging.  It’s foolish to assume based on what you see or what is presented in front of you.  Rather than judge, first try to understand.  Everybody has a life story and maybe it hasn’t been an easy book to read.  If you don’t understand something, ask questions, be polite and remember we are all just a bunch of humans on a planet trying to live life to the fullest.

8. Stop being selfish.  Believe it or not, everything in life isn’t about you.  Life is also about the people who surround you such as your family and your friends who might want you to just listen for a while or ask questions.  Work on saying the word “I” less and replace it with the word “you”.

9. Stop trying to meet others expectations.  This sort of falls under #3, stop trying to make everyone happy.  If your parents or husband have certain expectations for you that’s great, but don’t feel that you have to fulfill what everyone else wants.  It’s your life, go after what you want and find your own happiness.

10. Stop living so wound up within your beliefs.  Expand your mind.  If someone is living a life that you just don’t understand, try to live outside the box of your belief system for a minute.  Just think, you might be faced with the same type of situation one day so don’t wait until then to be open-minded, start now.

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