Foods you should be eating to fight painful menstrual period cramps

Learn more about how exercise fights menstrual cramps here (click picture).

Everyone is different, but there are a number of factors that affect a woman’s menstrual cycle and how much pain come along with it.  Stress, anxiety and lack of exercise all play a role in how your body deals with your monthly period.  Another crucial factor that directly affects fighting painful menstrual cramps is nutrition and what you choose to eat.

It’s essential to stick to foods that are whole like fresh vegetables, fruits, whole grains and nuts.  Here are 6 foods to include in your diet to fight cramps leading up to and during your period.

1. Celery fights fluid retention.

2. Salmon helps fight inflammation.

3. Dark chocolate (70% cocoa) relaxes your muscles so you don’t tense up.

4. Drinking lots of water during your period fights bloating and cramping.

5. Chick peas (or hummus) relaxes you while keeping you feeling happy.

6. Green tea is just so good for you all of the time, but during your period soothes cramps.

Make an effort to stay AWAY from dairy, alcohol and red meat around the time of your period each month as they cause inflammation and worsen symptoms.

And remember, even though it’s hard to believe at the moment, exercise and yoga will also ease painful cramps, learn more about how this works through an article that I wrote here.

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