I love to be inspired by Goop. Do you?

If you didn’t already know, I am a very big fan of Gwyneth Paltrow.  Yes, she is an Oscar award winning actress and People’s Most Beautiful Woman, but that’s not the reason why I like her so much.  I appreciate her style, her calm positive nature, her sophistication and her honesty in being imperfect.  So when I learned that Gwyneth created a place for all of us to go to get inspired about everything from fashion, travel and cooking I signed up.

Goop is a digital media ecommerce company founded by Paltrow in 2008 where she aims to share all things positive in life.  From delicious healthy recipes, the latest fashion styles, wellness tips and giving readers the opportunity to travel with her around the world, Goop has become an exceptional lifestyle publication that I look forward to reading each week.

Gwyneth has expert contributors who ensure the information appearing in your email everything Thursday is knowledgable, inspiring and informative.  After reading each newsletter you will walk away learning something that will stick with you the rest of the day.  Maybe you’ll be inspired to try one of the recipes or travel to a recommended destination?

Gwyneth takes food very seriously and has written a couple of incredible cookbooks also. Her latest, “It’s All Good”

And “My Father’s Daughter” where she share her joy of preparing food for loved ones.

The Goop website is for those who love to MAKE, GO, GET, DO, BE and SEE.  I hope you take a moment and check it out here.

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