Best way to burn belly fat

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Just like anybody else, having a strong, flat core is important to me.  Outside of how much better a toned stomach looks, having less back pain and better posture in addition to feeling like I can conquor the world is pretty awesome.  I eat foods to get and keep a flat stomach that I talked about here.  But because I don’t always have the time (or motivation) to do an ab workout I was looking for the best way to burn belly fat; a product to do some of the work for me, and I found it.

I bought the Bracoo Waist Trimmer for under $12 on Amazon about a month ago, shipped for free with Amazon Prime, have been using it a few times per week and I can see the difference.  The beauty of the easy wrap velcro belt is that you can wear it anytime, when you’re exercising or just doing something around the house.  It is professionally engineered with 100% Neoprene to insulate your body to trim excess water weight from your waist.  The Bracoo waist trimmer also supports the lower back and can be worn over or under your clothing.  But no joke, this waist trimmer is the best way to burn fat around your center.

I wear the waist trimmer when I do any form of exercise, especially when I go for a run or do Power Circuit Training with Jackie Warner and you wouldn’t believe the amount of sweat that releases from my middle when I’m finished.  I also wear it when I’m cooking dinner or writing this piece.  I give this waist trimmer my seal of approval and wanted to share it with you. Check it out for yourself here.

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