Pairing exercise with what you have eaten

In addition to a whole foods diet, planned and rotated exercise each week is essential to the consistency and success of a healthy lifestyle.  But another thing to keep in mind is pairing up your exercise with what you have eaten because they work hand in hand.

When you’re living a healthy lifestyle, exercise and whole foods become a part of your everyday life naturally.  But there are always going to be times when you deserve to splurge and eat something no so healthy like pizza or a big bowl of ice cream.  When this occurs it’s important to bare that food in mind with your choice of exercise the next day.

It’s quite simple actually.  If you ate half of a pizza pie with your girlfriend last night; which is perfectly ok, be sure to amp up your workout the next day; like maybe some cardiovascular exercise.  Twenty minutes or more of exercise that accelerates your heart rate is important to your health regardless of what you’ve eaten, but even more so after splurging on a pizza.

I don’t ever skimp on food.  If I want it, I eat it, period.  Life is too short to count every calorie.  But at the same time I will be sure to balance it out the next day with a sufficient workout.  Personally, I would try to jog that pizza off with a 2-3 mile run.  I may not burn all of the fat and calories that I took in, but I will surely feel better about myself for trying to keep a balance.

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