Does Jillian Michaels have any new workout DVD’s?

akickMost workout DVD’s don’t compare to what Jillian Michaels offers.  It’s a rarity to find a tough workout such as hers that you can do in about 30-minutes time and get the unbelievable results she promises.  Jillian Michaels is known as the tough trainer on the NBC hit reality show ‘The Biggest Loser’ but wasn’t always in the best shape within her own life, learn more about her here.

Jillian has been offering some of the best workout DVD’s for years like her Banish Fat Boost Metabolism, No More Trouble Zones, 30 Day Shred in addition to the ones listed here.  Now she has even more workout options to choose from and everyone who is interested in living a healthy lifestyle, wants to lose weight or just be in the best shape of their lives should add them all to their workout DVD library…

Released earlier this year, Jillian Michaels Hard Body consists of two 45-minute intense workouts that will take your body to the next level.  These workouts consist of new exercises that torch calories and transform your body into the best it can possibly be.

Jillian Michaels Body Revolution system is a 90-day program that consists of a three phase that take place over 15 workouts and increase in intensity.  Jillian takes her weight loss trainer television success and brings it into your home with your committment to just 30-minutes per day.

Jillian Michaels: For Beginners Frontside Backside Combo is just that, the perfect workout for those who are new to challenging exercise and Jillian herself.  The frontside part of the workout works the chest, shoulders, arms and abs.  The backside focuses on the butt, back and legs.  Once you conquor this workout you will be able to move onto any of her workouts mentioned above.

Check out her website Whole Mind and Body here.

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