How to breathe; deep breathing exercises

An inspiring guide to mind body health that will also teach you how to breathe.

Seems like a funny thing to ask because we all know ‘how to’ breathe and without breath we wouldn’t be alive.  But the fact is that most of us aren’t aware of our breathing and take it for granted because it happens naturally.  Because of this, we tend to unconsciously take in shallow breaths throughout the day; which affects our health in a negative way.  Learn more about this here.  This is not mumbo jumbo, it’s fact, giving yourself 5-10 minutes each day to relax through through breathing techniques will transform your life.

If you practice yoga you already know why it’s important to remember to breathe.  But for everyone else, taking just 5-10 minutes per day to consciously breathe properly will improve clarity, mental state, energy and overall health.  It will also fight off disease, low energy, stress, anxiety and accelerated aging.  So how do you breathe correctly and make it count?  Give yourself a time out once or twice per day to pace your breath and slow down.  What this means is to intentionally control your breathing, deepen it and be aware.

Find a spot anywhere you won’t be disturbed for the mere minutes it takes to breathe properly.  Sit comfortably whether it be cross-legged or with both feet flat on the floor in front of you.  Simply breathe slowly through your nose as deeply as you can, hold the breath in for 5 seconds and release through your mouth strongly like you’re blowing up a balloon and repeat 5-10 times.  That’s it!

Each and every time you take time out to breath properly you will feel better, think more clearly and be happier.  You will also learn to use breathing as a tool when you need it most such as being faced with stress, a big decision or anything that might make you nervous or upset.  And just one last point, did you know that this simple breathing practice is a form of meditation?  See why you shouldn’t be intimidated by meditation here.

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