Are you in a bad mood? Here’s why.

Have you been waking up on the wrong side of the bed far too often?  Or have you been asking yourself after snapping at someone, “Why am I in such a bad mood?”  Well, nine times out of ten the reason why you’re so moody is from lack of exercise or more specifically, lack of yoga.

Exercise and yoga naturally uplift your mood; leaving you feeling energized and full of happiness.  Moving your body increases blood flow to the brain and raises serotonin levels leaving you with an overall feeling of well being long after you’ve completed your workout.

More than ever, time is of the essence in everybody’s life nowadays and it can be difficult to balance exercise or a yoga practice around a tight schedule.  But if your mood has gotten the best of you and the people in your life have had enough; it’s time to schedule it in.

Here’s an idea that fits right in with the problem.  Why not try a quick workout DVD created for people who want to exercise and look their best but don’t have the time, you can check them out here.


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