4 tips to stop emotional overeating

Choose whole foods.
Choose whole foods and change your life.

Do you sometimes find yourself saying, “I can’t stop eating!”?  This may happen when you are feeling hormonal, stress, depression or anxiety in your life; turning to food for comfort.  What happens then is a triple effect of a problem; you’re already having an issue within your life, you overeat to relieve it but wind up feeling worse.  Here are 4 tips that you can do to recognize the issue and learn how to stop emotional overeating.

  • Stop eating and start talking.  Since the food you’re eating is filling a void (for the short term) you might be having, stop eating and start talking.  Everybody feels better after expressing their feelings, so talk about what’s bothering you.  When you feel the urge to eat, pick up the phone and call a friend or go over to your neighbors’ house and have a cup of tea.  Talk to positive people who lift you up rather than those who bring you down.  The fact is; you’ll feel much better after talking than you will after overeating.
  • Surround yourself with healthy whole foods.  It’s difficult to overeat in a negative way with foods like fruits and vegetables.  Since stress creates cravings of sugar and salt, don’t put ice cream and potato chips in your house.  Instead buy things like fat-free Greek yogurt and nuts to fulfill those cravings.  If the temptation of unhealthy foods isn’t there, you can’t eat it, right?  So don’t buy it.  Learn what eating healthy really means here.
  • Make exercise a part of your daily routine.  It’s so much easier to feel sorry for yourself by eating a box of whoopie pies.  But since overeating is a very temporary fix, why not do something that has been proven to elevate your mood and alleviate stress, while also improving your health?  Whether you get up a little early and do one of the 7 best exercise videos or do a little Yogalosophy when you get home from work; feel empowered and make exercise a part of your daily routine.
  • Breathe.  We’ve talked about breathing many times before because being conscience of your breath can have a dramatic effect on your mental and physical health.  When you find yourself about to open the refrigerator door, stop what you’re doing, sit down and breathe for 5-10 minutes; you won’t believe how much better you will feel.  You might even consider meditating?  Practicing yoga?  Or just taking a few minutes out for yourself each day to be quiet, disconnect and relax.  Learn how to breathe here.

If you’re wondering: What is binge eating?  It’s actually the most common eating disorder in the United States. Also known as (BED) Binge Eating Disorder is something that happens regularly and is usually done secretly.  This disorder is different from common emotional overeating talked about above so if you feel you have this sort of compulsion where you cannot stop, treatment by a professional should be considered.

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