The Bethenny Frankel Show Has No Limits

The Bethenny Frankel show has no limits!
Bethenny Frankel has no limits!

Did you see the premiere of the Bethenny Frankel show yesterday?  If not, don’t miss out today or going forward, set your DVR to Fox 5 at 11am (check your local listings)!  It is fun, inspiring and touches on topics and currents events that mean the most in women’s (and men’s) lives.  Why is it a must watch?  Because you’ll get the answers to the questions you’ve always wondered about and never thought you’d see on television; that’s because the Bethenny Frankel show truly has no limits.

Bethenny opened the show with a heartfelt thank you to all of her fans.  She is grateful and excited to celebrate women with no judgements while staying true to who she is, a real, down to earth woman dealing with the same issues as you are.  She says, “this show is for us” and she’s already proved that to be true.  Bethenny relates to women amazingly well, is straight up and honest without sugar coating.   It’s quite refreshing actually.

Just like Bethenny’s latest book, Skinnygirl Solutions, her show tackles all topics like home, health, family, career, style, beauty, love and of course, sex.  She’ll even include some fun celebrity interviews and won’t hold back on getting their views about everything.  She did exactly that with Nick Cannon yesterday, so funny!  Learn more about her book here.

They don’t call her a Skinnygirl for nothing.  Bethenny will also be sharing everything that she does to stay fit and look her best.  As you know, one of my favorite Bethenny Frankel products is her Skinnygirl Workout.  I still do it every week and just love it.  Learn more about her workout here.

My husband and I had the opportunity to attend a kickoff party ‘Calling All My Girls’ for the Bethenny Frankel show ‘Bethenny’ last Friday night.  Wow!  What a blast it was to connect with women looking to be inspired by the powerhouse, Bethenny Frankel.  The party was dressed up with all of her favorite and hilarious sayings.  Salt & Pepa even showed up as a surprise and got the place rockin. Best part of the night is when I got to meet Bethenny and let me tell you, she really is one very cool chick!

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