Eat carbs to lose weight says Extreme Weight Loss coach Chris Powell

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A life-transforming must read!

Imagine losing weight for life by eating carbs, only exercising 9-minutes per day and cheating with your favorite foods.  Sounds like a joke, huh?  Well, it’s not.  A balanced, healthy lifestyle with no deprivation works, because diets don’t, and Chris Powell’s new book ‘Choose More, Lose More for Life’ is just that.

I am a very big fan of Chris Powell for so many reasons.  For those of you who don’t know, he is the transformation specialist from ‘Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition’ who believes that when you transform your body, you transform your life.  Chris is different from other coaches you’ve seen on television by the way that he approaches weight loss with the philosophy that no journey or person are the same.

Learn how to lose weight with Extreme Weight Loss coach Chris Powell here.

In addition, what makes Powell truly different is his calm nature and deep connections with his clients because he takes the time to understand where their issues are stemming from.  His focus is to transform lives by having that important conversation and people respond to that.  The fact is, the root of the problem must be discussed along with a commitment for change before a body can ever be transformed for life.

In ‘Choose More, Lose More for Life’ Chris Powell offers the same one on one coaching to you.  The book includes success stories, like you’ve seen on ‘Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition’ so that you can experience first hand how lives can be transformed with commitment to change.


Powell will tell you what to eat; you’ll learn about carb cycling and how it kicks your metabolism into full gear.  He’ll show you more than 20 workouts called 9 minute missions; exercises that pack a punch in a minimal amount of time.  In addition, there’s also delicious, easy to make Chris Powell recipes to keep you on track.

It’s all in the title ‘Choose More, Lose More for Life’.  You will get to eat carbs while losing weight, get your body into shape with only 9-minutes of exercise per day and have cheat days so that you are never deprived of the foods that you love.  ‘Choose More, Lose More for Life’ has it all for true life-long transformation and is a must read!

Learn how to lose weight with Extreme Weight Loss coach Chris Powell here.

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