5 best kitchen tools for healthy cooking

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A pan I couldn’t live without! See below.

Eating at restaurants, getting take-out or having dinner over the neighbors’ house isn’t going to keep you on track with your healthy eating habit.  The fact is, the only way to eat healthy for life is to prepare the food yourself, period.  When you are in control of the ingredients and how the food is cooked there is a much better chance of eating healthy.  Making simple healthy recipes are the way to go!

I love to cook.  Being in the kitchen dreaming up healthy food ideas, creating dishes that not only taste good, but are good for you is fun for me.  If you don’t like to cook, let me share with you the 5 affordable equipment staples that I have in my kitchen to make life easier while making cooking more fun.  I truly couldn’t live without these tools.

1. Sharp knife.  The most important kitchen tool!  I am always shopping on a budget so I can’t afford all of those expensive knives sold in William Sonoma.  Instead, I have a Kitchen Aid knife and I love it (see mine above).  The most important thing that you must do is keep your knives sharp.  The easiest way to cut yourself while cooking is with a dull knife.  Get yourself a hand sharpener and use it each week, you won’t believe how much easier it is to cut food.

2. Heavy Dutch Oven.  When cooking one pot wonders (these are dishes where all of the ingredients go into one pot, easy cooking, easy cleanup) be sure to have a heavy 6 quart Dutch oven on hand (the one above is awesome & affordable).  The heavy pot keeps the food at the right temperature while your cooking and keeps the food warm afterwards so you can turn the stove off and walk away.  You don’t have to spend a whole lot of money on a heavy stockpot, but it is a good investment, you’ll have it for life.

3. Indoor grill.  I’ve mentioned this tool before, couldn’t live without my indoor grill, this is mine above that I’ve talked about here.  You can grill food all year long and easily add flavor to all of your meals.  I’ll cook everything on it from burgers, shrimp and chicken.  It’s non-stick too so it’s easy to cleanup.


4. Large cutting board.  This kitchen staple is one that I learned from Rachael Ray.  Having a large cutting board enables you to chop up all of your vegetables and push them aside while still having room to continue to prep.  Yes, this is my BOOS block above, check it out, so affordable, I paid a lot more for mine.  Too often people have tiny, little cutting boards and they have to remove what they’ve already prepped into small bowls; which only creates more mess and clean up.

5. Large non-stick 12″ skillet.  A MUST!  This is my skillet seen above.  Forget the microwave.  It dries food out, only warms the edges and personally I don’t like them.  There is no better way to warm up leftovers than in a large non-stick frying pan.  Put it on medium low, add a little extra virgin olive oil to the bottom and throw in your rice, pasta or fish leftovers, cover with tin foil and let slowly warm up.  They’re also great for making any meal more healthier because non-stock requires less fat to cook with.

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