Best ab workouts; no joke!

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Best workout for abs!
Best workout for abs!

Looking for the best ab workout?  Achieving strong, toned abs is not about just doing crunches anymore.  Exercises that include weight, cardio and balance are essential to be considered a best ab workout; to get the results that you’re looking for. I’ve compiled my top 5 favorite best ab workouts for women and best ab workouts for men that get real results fast, and with commitment will last a lifetime.

Jillian Michaels 6-week Six Pack.  Truly a best workout for abs, Jillian Michaels offers two 30-minute routines, one harder than the next, on her 6-Week Six Pack DVD.  Her mantra is, “Shed fat while toning your core,” which means in addition to mat exercises, you’ll be burning the fat off of your body through a quick-paced demanding workout on your feet.

Physique 57 Ab and Arm Booster.  Considered to be a best lower ab workout and upper ab workout in one.  This carefully choreographed routine will deeply strengthen your abdominals with the use of an exercise ball and hand weights.  The ab workout is only 15-minutes but nonstop and extremely difficult.  Along with this best abs workout comes an arm routine that incorporates exercises that also strengthen the abdominals. 

Jillian Michaels Killer Abs.  Another highly ranked best abs workout, Jillian Michaels Killer Abs offers three 30-minute workouts that include all new moves with a focus on eliminating belly fat and burning the muffin top off of your body.  The workouts progress in difficulty and are for everyone from the beginner to the advanced athlete.

The Ballet Physique.  Why is this on the list of best workout for abs?  The concept behind Ballet Physique is form, posture and core, so every exercise within these workouts focuses on strengthening the abdominals while also sculpting your entire body.  These workouts can also be broken down into segments if you’re just interested in strictly doing the abdominal section; you will feel the fat burn off of your midsection. 


Personal Training with Jackie Warner.  This power circuit workout is one of the best workouts for abs because it enables you to sculpt the most amazing abs while also reshaping your entire body with weights.  Get one-on-one personal training with Jackie Warner who gives you workout options.  She offers four 15-minute workouts or a full 45-minute routine, depending on how much time you have.

Another way to fight belly fat is with the Bracoo belly wrap.  Use it while doing your best ab workouts or any exercise for that matter.  It accelerates fat burn by insulating the area during exercise to get you to sweat more.  I have one, wear it nearly everyday.  It’s fantastic!  Learn more about it by clicking the picture above.

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