Walking vs running? Which one is better for weight loss?

20130929_100938Walking vs running?  Any type of exercise is good for you.  And it’s always better to do something rather than nothing at all, especially if you’re looking to lose weight.  But the question here has been asked repeatedly, what is better when it comes to weight loss, walking or running?

Well, since weight loss only occurs when you burn more calories than you take in each day, the obvious answer would be a more aerobic activity; which is running.  But, whether you walk, jog or run, speed and time given to the exercise itself should be considered.

For instance:

If you walk 60-minutes at 4.6 miles per hour, which is about 13 minutes per mile, you will burn a total of 270 calories.

But if you run for 30-minutes at 6 miles per hour, which is about 10 minutes per mile, you will burn the exact same 270 calories.

So with this scenario, based on a 130 pound woman, the only difference is the amount of time given to the exercise itself.  If you keep a consistent pace or speed up and then slow down, you’ll have different results of course.

Adding sprints and inclines within your walk or run will burn more calories and fat.  The harder you work, the more calories you will burn, so when it comes to walking for weight loss or running for weight loss you have to decide what’s best for you.

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