Cranberries; why you should eat year round

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It’s getting to be holiday time! Thanksgiving and all the holidays to come thereafter almost always include some cranberry sauce.  But did you know that cranberries are a super food that you should be eating all year round?  I didn’t, these facts just came to my attention and I just had to share them with you.

A cup of whole cranberries is only 45 calories that are packed with vitamin C and fiberCranberries outrank nearly every disease-fighting fruit and vegetable like broccoli, spinach, apples and cherries because they’re full of antioxidants.  That cup of whole cranberries contains nearly 9000 antioxidants, second to cultivated blueberries that have about 13,000.

The good news is, cranberries are available year-round.  This time of year you can buy them fresh, like the Ocean Spray variety above, in a plastic bag that will last up to 60-days in your refrigerator.  In the summer months you can buy frozen cranberries; which are just as delicious.

Incorporate cranberries into your diet today and start reaping the benefits of this healthy powerhouse fruit.  You can add them to your cereal in the morning, drink cranberry juice during the day, include them along with blueberries in your whole grain breads and muffins and sweeten up your chicken and pork dinners.

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