Best type of workout for weight loss

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qtq80-nMg5mSSimply put, the best workout for weight loss incorporates cardiovascular exercise and strength training.  Why?  Because you need to break a sweat and raise your heartbeat with cardio in order to burn the fat off of your body.

But that’s not enough.  In addition to cardio, the best workout for weight loss includes building muscle so that you can increase your metabolism and turn your body into a calorie-burning machine.  This doesn’t have to include weights necessarily, body weight training can be just as effective.  This includes exercises such as planks and push-ups.

The combination of cardiovascular exercise and strength training accelerates your overall weight loss.  The best workout for weight loss continues to have an affect on your body even after you’ve finished working out.

Because you burn more calories for every pound of muscle that you have versus fat, you’ll continue to burn calories even when at rest after doing the best workout for weight loss.  Therefore, your continuous calories burn will allow you to lose weight faster.

Lack of time is the biggest reason (or sometimes the excuse) of why people don’t exercise to begin with, who could possibly schedule a cardio and a strength-training workout in one day?  No one.


That is why incorporating cardiovascular exercise with strength within one workout is essential for weight loss success.  In addition, doing this type of workout for weight loss at home saves even more time.

Here are 4 of the best workouts for weight loss that offer both cardiovascular and strength training that can fit into any busy schedule.

Jillian Michaels Extreme Shed and Shred offers two 45-minute workouts, both offered with beginner and advanced options so that anyone can do them.  Fantastic workouts that get results fast!

Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30 offers FOUR 30-minute circuit workouts that increase with difficulty, all challenging, efficient and effective.

Insanity Fast & Furious by Beachbody has tremendous reviews as it offers an extremely intense workout in only 20-minutes.  That’s effective and efficient to the max!

Jillian Michaels Hard Body is my newest favorite workout!  It offers two 45-minute workouts that are fun and will keep your attention so much so that you’ll look forward to working out.

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