Did you know about these best walking workouts?

Walking or running? What’s better for weight loss? Find out here.

Can you really walk your way to fitness?  Absolutely!  Walking can be the best way for everyone to get in shape because it’s low-impact and something that you already do naturally each day.  But walking can be taken a step further than just parking farther away at the mall.  Did you know about these best walking workouts?  They’re workout DVD’s from Leslie Sansone that are so popular because they work, they’re fun and they fire up your walk in a whole new way.

Leslie Sansone’s latest ‘Walk to the Hits Party Songs’ walking workout is set to party songs and people are already raving about it before it’s release.  Fun music combined with fresh new walk at home moves that you take you through a 3-mile walk.

‘Walk to the Hits Radio Remixes’ could be the most fun you’ve had had walking.  Burn tons of calories through motivational music in your own home in just over a 1/2 hour.

Leslie Sansone’s ‘Walk Away the Pounds’ offers 4 workouts on 1 DVD!  This one is another highly ranked walking workout that promises to burn fat and condition muscle enabling you to lose weight.

‘Just Walk 5 Mega Miles’ is the ultimate walking workout, taking the walk a bit further in length while also including a toning band workout.  You can also customize your workout depending on how much time you have each day.

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