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Recently news broke that eating an apple a day isn’t the only food that will keep the doctor away.  Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard all conducted a study where researchers concluded that eating an ounce of nuts per day, and that goes for any kind of nut, 7 times per week reduced the likelihood of dying by 20%. In addition to living longer, the study also found that those who ate an ounce of nuts per day were found to be slimmer.

The reduction of death was from a variety of different causes such as stroke, cancer and heart disease.  “The most obvious benefit was a reduction of 29 percent in deaths from heart disease, the major killer of people in America, “said Dr. Charles Fuchs of Dana-Farber, who lead the study.  “But we also saw a significant reduction, 11%, in the risk of dying from cancer.”

As reported by NBC news, continued studies, from past to recent, have found that people who eat nuts benefit greatly with less inflammation, a direct link to heart disease and cancer, lower blood pressure and less fat surrounding the internal organs.

Another fantastic finding was discovered, “As compared with participants who consumed nuts less frequently, those who consumed nuts more frequently were leaner, less likely to smoke, more likely to exercise and more likely to use multivitamin supplements; they also consumed more fruits and vegetables and drink more alcohol,” noted by Fuchs and his colleagues.  Just like what Christine Avanti said in Skinny Chicks Eat Real Food, you will be healthier and weigh less by eating whole foods…

Although it’s not quite understood what it is about nuts that makes them so healthy, Fuchs notes that replacing an unhealthy snack with nuts might be one reason why people weigh less over time.  It’s also important to add that the study was based on portion, an ounce of nuts per day.  Anything more than that could actually cause weight gain.

The study affected Fuchs himself and he started to change some of his own eating habits.  “As a matter of fact, I went to a movie theater last month and my wife got popcorn and I got almonds, “ he says.  “She asked me, ‘Did you do that because of the study?’ and I said, ‘Yes.”

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