Best health, fitness and workout gifts for women

IMG_9144.jpgIf you’re looking for the best health, fitness and workout gifts for women, look no further.  If you want to give the gift of health and wellness this year, you have to see these; the best fitness and workout gifts for women 2013.  I’ve tried them all, but these are my 5 absolute favorite workouts and products that I personally do and use every single week and highly recommend to everyone looking to get fit and be their best self.

Jillian Kickbox Fastfix offers three 20-minute workouts on one DVD that all get your heartbeat up and burn calories like crazy.  These workouts can fit into ANY busy schedule, a must have.  I’ll start each week with this cardio blast to burn off the weekend calories.

The Ballet Physique is the perfect partner to any cardio workout and an absolute must for anyone looking to sculpt and tone their body.  Cardio will burn fat and calories, but Ballet Physique will shape it from head to toe.

Yogalosophy is not just a much-needed yoga workout but also incorporates traditional toning exercises that sculpt and strengthen everything from your arms, abs, legs and back.  Yogalosophy will exhaust every muscle in your body so when you’re finished your body will feel worked out.

Jillian Michaels Hard Body offers two 45-minute workouts that incorporate weights.  Using hand weights and body weight along with some cardiovascular exercise is essential to weight loss, strength and longevity.  Everything you’ve heard is true, a circuit training workout must be a part of your weekly workouts.

Jillian Michaels Extreme Shed and Shred is another circuit training DVD that offers two 45-minute workouts with all new moves.  Having workout options will keep you interested and will ensure a better chance of exercising each day.  These workouts are tough but Jillian does give beginner options for those just starting out.

The best yoga/exercise mats you can buy!

Having the right yoga/exercise mat is not only essential to your workout, but also your health.  Since most mats are made up of chemicals that can harm you, it’s best to invest in a quality chemical free mat.  These mats aren’t only the best, their gorgeous.

rebounder with bar
One of the most safe effective ways to exercise!

An indoor rebounder mini trampoline is the perfect way to for anyone at any age to workout.  It’s safe and a great way to get your cardio in at any time of day.  They also stow away easily underneath a bed.

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