4 foods to eat everyday to stay skinny and healthy

Learn how to make the best hummus here.
Learn how to make the best hummus here.

To me, eating is an event because food is important to me.  Not just to stay alive, but also to experience flavors, create dishes and taste ingredients from all over the world.  I’d rather nothing than no flavor.  Whether it be spice, the sharpness of cheese or some sort of healthy fat, food has to e flavorful.  With that being said, I’ve learned to indulge mindfully while continuing to look my very best.

Here are 4 foods I eat everyday to stay skinny and healthy.

EGGS-A food that I used to stay away from is now my everyday food because eggs are not only delicious and full of flavor; they’re healthy and filling.  My go-to egg of choice is hard-boiled cut up with a little sea salt and pepper.  Learn how to make the perfect hard-boiled egg here.

NUTS-Recently a study showed that nuts not only keep you slim, but they will help you live longer.  An ounce of any type of nut per day, 7 times per week, keeps you fuller longer and also reduces the likelihood of dying by 20%.  Learn more about nuts and your health here.

WHOLE GRAIN-Do not believe the hype about cutting carbs and staying slim; it’s simply not true.  The weight lost by cutting carbs is only water, not fat, and is an unbalanced way to live.  If you never eat a white flour carb again, good for you, I know that I won’t.  If I go to an Italian restaurant and they don’t offer a whole grain pasta option, I don’t order it.  Eating whole grain carbohydrates in a mindful way is essential.  Whole grains keep you full and give you energy.  One of my favorite ways to eat whole grain each day is with Fiber One cereal, learn more about this here.

BEANS-I can’t imagine a day without beans!  Beans are not only extremely healthy and a terrific replacement for meat, they are delicious.  From my chick pea salad, to hummus and best black bean dip that is also full of all sorts of vegetables, beans are truly a magical food.

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