What is the best exercise for weight loss?

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There’s no doubt, any exercise is great for your health, mind and body.  But the best exercise you can do to lose weight, especially after all of those holiday treats, is running.  Why?  Because of its efficiency.  Running burns tons of calories in a shorter period of time versus walking like we talked about here.  In addition, running doesn’t require you to restrict your diet as you would without it.  Here are 3 more reasons why running is the best exercise you can do to lose weight.

Running easily becomes a routine because you can do it anywhere at anytime with no equipment required.  You can run at home, outside, in place or while going from one place to the next.  Running is convenient and free!  Sometimes I will park my car far from a store just so I can make the most of my time and fit in a little run.  Once you form a routine of running and start to see the pounds drop, you’ll never give it up and only continue to lose weight.

Running continues to burn calories even after you’re finished and at rest.  Because running is one of the best forms of cardiovascular exercise you can do, you will experience an after burn where your body is still burning calories.  Recently, studies have shown that short bursts of intense exercise provide better results for weight loss versus long sessions.

Running feels good.  That may sound ridiculous to you if you’re not a runner, but once you’ve made it a part of your routine, you won’t be able to live without it.  If you’ve ever heard of a runner’s high, it’s no joke.  And when it comes to weight loss, which can be difficult to do and maintain; running keeps it fun while also keeping the weight off for good.  You can leave for a run in a bad mood, not wanting to go and will come back happier than you can ever remember being because running is a natural stimulant.

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