Are multivitamins bad for you and a waste of money?

avitDid you know Americans spent 28 billion dollars on supplements in 2010 alone?  With that being said and as someone who has taken multivitamins for years with what I believed to be affective results, I was surprised to hear this week that I might not only be negatively affecting my health, but also wasting my money, what?

A health report from NBC News New York said that researchers are strongly warning that they’ve come up with enough data to prove that “multivitamins don’t improve our health and American’s should stop wasting their money.”

There have now been 3 studies published in the Annals of Internal Medicine and all of them suggest, “vitamin and mineral supplements do not prevent disease or its progression.”  The first analysis found that multivitamins don’t do anything to lower the risk for death, heart disease or cancer.

The second study showed that supplements “have no impact on cognitive performance or memory in older adults.”  And the third study came back showing that “multivitamins could not prevent a second heart attack from occurring.”

In a nutshell, the studies found that “multivitamins have no effect on your health and could actually cause harm in some cases.”  Of course, that finding was followed up with a comment the council for responsible nutrition who also represents the supplement industry, saying that multivitamins are an option for those falling short on crucial nutrients within their diets.

Moral to the story?  Talk to your doctor and get yearly physicals that include blood work.  Your doctor will tell you if your body is in need of anything, but in the meantime, be sure to eat a whole foods diet because healthy foods contain all that your body needs.

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