‘Eat it to beat it’ will enable you to eat and live well

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It’s that time of year again when everyone wants a fresh start, especially after all of that eating during the holidays that we talked about here.  But rather than going on a diet that’s impossible to stick to, read ‘Eat It To Beat It’ and eat the foods that you love while losing weight.  How can that be?

David Zinczenko, New York Times best-selling author of the ‘Eat This, Not That!’ series has a written a new book called ‘Eat It To Beat It’ where he shows you how to make smart choices in a new way.  Zinczenko shares thousands of shocking food truths that will enable you to flatten your belly and get healthier fast.

In ‘Eat It To Beat It’ Zinczenko shows you how to make smart choices about the foods that you love like pizza, chocolate and burgers while helping you lose weight and improve your health.

Zinczenko has done his research.  Did you know that the chicken and spinach salad at IHOP has as many calories as eating 6 Klondike Bars?  He will tell you where you can go to get a similar salad with 1,200 fewer calories.

Another discovery Zinczenko has made is some dark chocolates contain polyphenols, nutrients that lower stress levels, improve memory and boost mood.  The work has been done and ‘Eat It to Beat It’ is another tool you should have on hand in order to eat well and healthy at the same time.

Dr. Oz says, “David Zinczenko provocatively exposes what’s in our food, so grab a fork and start indulging your way back to health with his advice.  Learn more about ‘Eat it to Beat It’ here.

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