3 foods that fight cellulite; 3 foods that make cellulite worse

Workouts that reduce cellulite (click the picture to see them).

So many women suffer from cellulite, that unattractive cottage cheese looking skin.  But is there a way cure it or at least make it look better?  You can directly affect the look of your skin with food and exercise because what you put into your body will show through your skin, especially cellulite.

Here are 3 foods that fight cellulite:

Salmon is full of omega-3 fatty acids that moisturizes and smoothes your skin while improving cellulite.  Try to eat salmon once a week for overall health.

Green tea contains antioxidants that reduce cellulite, but you must drink 2-3 cups per day to make a difference.  Maybe switch out your coffee for green tea?

Tomatoes are the most powerful antioxidant foods that you can eat, cooked is actually better than raw but either way include them within your diet to reduce cellulite.

Here are 3 foods that make cellulite worse:

White carbs are digested quickly and cause chronic spikes in sugar which directly affects the look of your skin, making your cellulite worse.  If you must eat a white carb such as white pasta, be sure to incorporate a protein or a green vegetable to slow digestion.

Butter contains saturated fat that can make your skin looser and has a tendency to age it more quickly, thus making cellulite worse.  Switch out butter for extra virgin olive oil as often as you can.

Salt retains water and causes fat cells to expand which then makes cellulite worse.  Keep salt intake under control, be aware of how much sodium is in your food and only cook with sea salt, use sparingly.  Learn how to reduce salt intake here.

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