Dr. Oz shares FACTS on FIBER; a MUST eat

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On his show yesterday, Dr. Oz shared the facts explaining why you must eat fiber everyday.  He showed, through demonstration of course, that if you don’t eat enough fiber, you literally get clogged up because your body holds onto the food that you did eat.  This only has a negative effect on your body causing a slower metabolism, irregular bowel movements and potential weight gain.

Dr. Oz also showed the parts of the body that benefit and function more effectively from fiber, those being your intestines, colon, pancreas (to fight health issues like diabetes) and the heart.  Another bonus to eating the recommended amount of fiber each day is weight loss.

So how much fiber should you be eating each day?  Women should be eating a total of 25 grams, but the average woman is currently eating only 14 grams.  So exactly what should you be eating to increase fiber in your diet?  Check out one of my favorite foods here.

Dr. Oz says that the absolute best form of fiber that you can eat, hands down, are beans.  In addition to that eating more raspberries, pears, broccoli, artichokes, nuts (pecans have over 5 grams per serving) and believe it or not, popcorn (3 cups=3 grams), will all directly increase your intake and improve your overall health.

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