Just Announced! Jillian Michaels offers a new way to lose weight

Jillian Michaels gets you ripped while losing weight in only 30-minutes!

Jillian Michaels has helped millions lose thousands of pounds through her role on the hit show “The Biggest Loser, her workout DVD’s and weight loss products.  Now Michaels is taking her famous 30-minute circuit training workouts to a whole new level.  Jillian Michaels has partnered with Curves, the popular women’s fitness center where she’s created a 30-minute full body workout circuit.

“My thing is 30-minute workout.  That’s our goal to provide women with the tools to make the change they want in their lives,” Jillian explained to Healthy Hollywood.  “I got a chance to try out the Curves circuit training the other day in New York City.  The workout was set up in a circle and you alternated between strength machines and metabolic conditioning exercises, which are exercises like jumping jacks, squats or high knee lifts,” described the fitness guru.

“You do each bit for 30-seconds and then move on to the next station without a break.  The idea is to get your heart rate up, never stop moving and keep on going for 30-minutes.  While I didn’t think it was going to be tough, I ended up working up a sweat and calling this session my workout for the day.  Let’s just say it’s a lot tougher than it looks.”  Check out Jillian Michael’s newest workout DVD’s here.

The idea behind the 30-minute Jillian Michaels circuit training sessions is that you never rest so your heart rate is up the entire time.  In addition to that, combining strengthening and conditioning at the same time has been scientifically proven to provide the best results whether you’re looking to tone, lose weight or both.  The workout is so beneficial that your body continues to burn calories hours after you’re finished.  Check out Jillian Michael’s best workout DVD’s here.

Speaking of calories, Michaels doesn’t believe in diets saying, “First you’re a vegan.  Then, you’re into the Paleo diet.  Now, you don’t eat wheat.  It’s ridiculous!  At the end of the day, it is common sense, don’t eat chemicals, eat real foods and don’t eat more than you burn in a day.”

Maintaining a fitness routine is also essential to weight loss and staying in shape, “You need to find something you love and do it.  If you truly hate it, you aren’t going to do it,” explained Jillian.  “Over the course of your everyday life think about how you can add in a more active lifestyle.”

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