My workouts this week; this is what I do to stay in shape

athisweekI am often asked what type of workouts I do to stay in shape so I thought I’d share them with you each week.  As I’ve talked about before, exercise can’t remain the same if you want your body to change, so everyday has to incorporate a different type of workout.  I am an at-home workout fanatic because it’s convenient, affordable (the first 4 are only $6.99 each) and can fit into any busy schedule.  Here’s this week’s line up, see above, bottom to top, Monday-Friday, here we go…

MondayJillian Michaels Kickbox Fastfix was perfect for my busy day.  20-minutes in and out got my heart pumping and cleared my mind, felt fantastic during and afterwards.

Tuesday-I stepped up my workout to Extreme Shed and Shred level 1 on Tuesday.  This is truly one of my favorite workouts because it combines everything from cardio to yoga to strength training and it’s non-stop.

Wednesday-Circuit training is key to sculpting your muscles and this Personal Training 40-minute workout with Jackie Warner focuses on weights from head to toe.  This is the workout that caused extreme soreness the next day.  My chest, arms, abs and legs were burning long after I exercised, felt amazing to know I did something that worked.

Thursday-I went hard-core with Jillian Micheals Hard Body workout and it was no joke.  I did level 1, which in my opinion is more difficult than level 2 on this particular DVD.  Favoring 30-minute workouts made the 45-minutes a bit more challenging but well worth it.  Lots of push-ups, weights and cardio in this incredible circuit training workout.

Friday-Today I went back to sculpting with the help of Classic Physique 57, a full body barre workout that burns your muscles like nothing else.  My physique has literally been transformed from this workout and therefore will never stop doing it.

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