Food is medicine; words to live by

Food & Mood; one is related to the other

We’re always talking about mindful eating without deprivation or diets at Skinny Healthy Girl, while also keeping in mind that food is our medicine and will keep the doctor away in many respects.  “You are what you eat” couldn’t be more true and are words to live by. What you choose to put inside your body will affect your health positively or negatively, so you must choose wisely.  Here are some more words to live by that I love and keep in mind the next time you’re choosing food.

Eat well to feel good.

You’re better off spending a little more at the store than at the doctor’s office.

Quality of food adds to quality of life.

The body can heal itself through vitamins and minerals found in healthy foods.

Food has the ability to cleanse, detox, balance, de-stress & heal the body.

Forget multivitamins! Necessary vitamins can be found in food; whole food.

Choose local, in season, antibiotic & hormone free foods; reap the benefits 

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