10 easy ways to burn a quick 100 calories

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Lack of time is the #1 reason, or sometimes excuse, why most people don’t exercise.Unless it’s made a priority within your life and scheduled into your busy day, exercise generally won’t happen.  With that being said, there are so many sneaky ways to squeeze in a mini workout because something is always better than nothing, right?  That’s what interested me in these 10 easy ways to burn a quick 100 calories.  Do a few of them to burn even more, check them out…

  1. On the phone a lot?  Pace back & forth while you talk for 35-minutes.
  2. Jump rope for 10-minutes.
  3. Walk your dog for 30-minutes.
  4. Clean the house for 35-minutes.
  5. Do hard push-ups for 10-minutes.
  6. Dance for 18-minutes.
  7. Do a cardio workout video for 10-minutes. Try this one here.
  8. Go for a 12-minute bike ride.
  9. Cook a tasty healthy dinner for 40-minutes.
  10. Do yoga for 30-minutes! Do this workout here.

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