Eat and exercise like a man; lose more weight

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Is it possible that women can learn from a man when it comes to weight loss?  Some experts think so.  There’s got to be a reason why the man in your life can decide that’s he’s going to drop a few pounds and within weeks can see the results; where women will work at it for months with very little change.  What’s the deal?

According to Sean Bourke, MD and co-founder of JumpstartMD, “Weight loss is stacked in favor of men on account of difference in hormones, metabolism and muscle mass.”  Based on these facts, men will build more muscle, burn more calories and lose more weight than women the same age following the same routine.

So what can women do to keep up?

  1. Cut one unhealthy food.  Since men don’t cut an entire food group from their diet, but instead only eliminate one unhealthy food, they are able to make an impact on their weight.  Women tend to cut carbs or dairy as a whole, but instead maybe skip the 3 packets of sugar in your coffee or that bowl of ice cream on Friday nights?  “When a diet is padded with calories from one thing, eliminating it can lead to immediate weight loss,” says Patricia Bannan, RD, author of Eat Right When Time is Tight.
  2. Workout in short bursts.  Skip long miles on the treadmill and instead choose high intensity internal training to get better results in a shorter period of time.  Science has proven that vigorous exercise in short bursts burns much more calories.  How?  Pamela Peeke, MD and author of Body for Life for Women says, “You’re challenging your muscles and your metabolism and pushing the volume of oxygen in the lungs, driving up calorie burn.”  Looking for workouts that will do this?  Check out my favorites here.
  3. Build muscle.  Women tend to choose cardio over strength training; which is a serious mistake.  There’s no other form of exercise more beneficial than weight training, whether it be with dumbbells and/or your own body weight.  Why?  Because muscle mass enables you to burn more calories long after your workout is over.  Push-ups, planks and challenging heavier weights will transform your body.  Check out one of the best weight training DVD workouts here.

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