‘Fast Exercise’; Can 1 minute of exercise really make a difference?

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Everybody wants quick and easy; especially for the things we like doing the least.  One of the #1 topics at Skinny Healthy Girl is lack of time being the top excuse when it comes to exercise.  But can only 1-minute of exercise 3 times per week actually enable you to lose weight while also positively affecting your health?

Scientists all over the world are finding that less of more intense exercise can actually make a significant difference for your body.  We’ve talked about this here.  Any exercise is going to enable you to lose weight, lessen your chance of getting cancer and lower your risk of diabetes, even if it’s only a 1-minute workout.  How can that be?

Turns out, it’s about the stress and intensity of the exercise, not necessarily the duration, according to Dr. Michael Mosley, the doctor turned author of the new book ‘Fast Exercise’.  He believes that pushing your body through three 20-second intervals of grueling-type exercise will not only make you slimmer but also healthier.

Dr. Mosley believes that ‘Fast Exercise’ will give you maximum benefits with minimum work.  He explains, “This regime, doing short bursts of intense activity, seems to be much more effective not only for losing weight but also for improving insulin sensitivity,” a very personal topic for Dr. Mosley.

“Two years ago I discovered I was diabetic.  I was a bit overweight.  That got me into a ‘Fast Diet’ but also got me into a ‘Fast Exercise’ regime.  And now I’m 20 pounds lighter and my blood sugars are completely normal.  I’ve gone from diabetic to normal.”

The good news is you don’t need a gym or any fancy expensive equipment to accomplish high intensity interval training like this.  It can be as simple as doing one of the best high intensity workout DVD’s seen here, running up and down the stairs in your house or riding your bike.  The idea is to get your heart rate up until you’re huffing and puffing for three 20-second intervals, three times per week.

Although, Dr. Mosley has his critics, if nothing else remember this, any exercise is better than no exercise at all, so why not give it a try?  Learn more about ‘Fast Exercise’ here.

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