Best breakfast food; perfect hard boiled eggs

Perfect hard boiled eggs every time and is also the best breakfast food.  Starting out your day with eggs is a healthy choice in more ways than one.  If you aren’t already eating an egg or two for breakfast each day, you should be; here’s why.

Healthy eaters know that eggs are not only full of protein; they also contain choline, a type of B Vitamin that can improve the function of the nervous system and your cardiovascular health.

In addition, eggs are a protein-packed food so they promote weight loss because they keep you feeling fuller longer.  Choosing an egg over an empty-calorie snack will prevent you from snacking on high fat foods full of sugar later.

Follow up your workouts with an egg, a must for muscle repair after exercising.  Hard-boiled eggs are an easy way to do this, learn how to make them perfect every time here.

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