A nut that works as an anti-depressant? Oh yes!

acashewsIt’s shocking how quickly primary care doctors are prescribing brain medications within one visit to those who are feeling down and depressed.  Given, there are people who undoubtedly need to be medicated for their ailment, but how about all of the rest, aren’t there other options?

Rather than instantly filling a prescription to manipulate the most important organ in your body, why not inquire about what these patients are eating?  If they’re exercising?  What’s really going on in their lives?  Medication should be the last resort; there are other ways to feel better and here’s one of them.

Did you know that 2 handfuls of cashews is the therapeutic equivalent to a prescription dose of Prozac?  Here’s how.  Drugs like Prozac and similar antidepressants have a direct affect on serotonin levels, your body’s neurotransmitter that gives a feeling of well-being.  But did you know that some foods can do the same thing?

Believe or not, carbohydrates positively affect your brain so including them with your meals is going to make you feel happier.  Foods like beans, brocolli and nuts contain the starch needed so they stand on their own.  More specifically, one big handful of cashews per day has been shown to provide the same affect as a prescription antidepressants.

Add some exercise to these healthy unlifting foods and feel your serotonin levels skyrocket.  Please note; don’t ever change or start any drug program without consulting your doctor first, but consider incorporating cashews into your diet.  Learn how eating nuts everyday can also keep you slim and help you live longer here.

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