5 tips and tricks; make a morning workout happen!

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We all have good intensions, especially at night when setting our alarm clocks, but it’s a very different story in the morning when we’re feeling exhausted and unmotivated.  The last thing that anyone wants to do is get up, never mind go workout.  But as you know, after that quiet time in the morning, before all the chaos erupts, it’s nearly impossible to squeeze a workout in.  So why not make it your mission to finally conquer the battle for good?

Here are 5 tips and tricks to making a morning workout happen.

1. Lay out your workout clothes at night.  Planning is the key to success with anything, especially fitting in a workout.  Think about it, if you get up and have to start opening drawers to find your sports bra only to learn that it’s in the hamper, you’re probably going to skip it all together.  But if you take a few minutes each night to lay out your sneakers, socks and workout gear, when you wake up all you have to do is stand up out of bed and put it all on.  Being dressed to exercise is the first step to success.

2. Forget the gym!  Yes, I said it.  Not a big fan of the gym over here.  Maybe a yoga class here or there but there couldn’t be anything less motivating to me in the morning than the idea of walking into a gym, never mind driving there, parking and the cost of becoming a member, yuck!  Instead, pick up a few of the best workout DVD’s ever and have them at your disposal.  The best part about these workouts is they are all only about 30-minutes long so there shouldn’t be any problem squeezing in exercise in the morning.

3. Reward yourself.  You don’t have to take the whole working out thing too seriously.  Life is too short to deprive yourself of anything.  If you’ve had a successful week of morning workouts, or any workouts at all, plan to reward yourself each weekend with a food or drink that you love.  It will keep you motivated.  You deserve it!

4. Early to bed, early to rise.  Let’s face it, even if you are a night owl, when you get into bed earlier you will probably fall asleep sooner.  Sleep is an essential component to a healthy lifestyle with the body needing at least 7 hours per night. Turning off all the electronics will absolutely help, allow yourself to decompress, breathe deeply and naturally fall asleep each night. You’ll wake up ready to tackle any challenge.

5. Look forward to an improved mood.  Knowing that making a morning workout happen before your day starts is going to make you feel happier, invigorated and refreshed should be motivation enough.  Exercise has a direct effect on the brain by increasing serotonin levels; giving you a natural high.  Why not leave the house each day feeling happy and full of energy rather than sluggish and slow?  Learn more about this here.

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