‘RETHINK FOOD’; you truly are what you eat

Unbelievable, eye-opening information about the association of food & disease, (click picture to learn more).

Did you know that the rate of the most common form of type 2 diabetes in America has gone up 700% since World War II?  That is a scary statistic since diabetes is a disease soley caused by what we eat.  Balance is key of course, but this book that I just happened to stumble upon has entirely affected my outlook on food, disease and the future of our health.  ‘Rethink Food 100 Doctors Can’t Be Wrong’ brings the connection between food and disease to the surface; a must read for everyone, really.

‘Rethink Food 100 Doctors Can’t Be Wrong’ exposes how doctors are medicating ailments with prescriptions rather than treating the underlining issues; which for the most part are reversible on their own.  Doctors aren’t necessarily doing this deliberately, they’ve been trained to do so because food and disease doesn’t play a serious role in medical school.  Fortunately, the discovery of the causes of diseases has started to become more evident and 100+ doctors have come together to share their findings in ‘Rethink Food’.

The biggest take away from this book is the fact that meat and dairy are not good for us and embracing a whole foods plant based diet is a better choice.  Even if you would never consider becoming a vegetarian, ‘think’ about incorporating more vegetables into your diet.  Maybe start with 1 vegetarian day per week, like a “mealess Monday” and see how you feel.  I’ve been slowly doing this within my diet and I have to say I feel better already.

I know that I’ve recommended a lot of health and wellness products over the years but this is one that can’t be overlooked, take a closer look at ‘Rethink Food 100 Doctors Can’t Be Wrong’ here and open up your eyes to food and your future health now, don’t wait.

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