Jennifer Aniston’s trainer shares her 5 secrets to staying fit

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Jennifer Aniston has managed to maintain her fit physique for years now; so what’s her secret?  Inquiring minds want to know and her trainer, of more than 10 years, Mandy Ingber, creator of Yogalosophy, recently shared Aniston’s top 5 easy, effective tips with The Stir; here they are.

1. Change it up!  Yes, yoga is an essential component for everybody, including Jenn, but Mandy Ingber also believes that cardio plays an important role in any successful exercise program.  She loves cardio, even teaching spin classes, not only for the fat burn but also the “endorphin high”, says Ingber.  To get the best results changing up your routine is an absolute must.  Try rotating one the best yoga workouts every other day with one of the best workout videos that work.

2. Eat protein with every meal & snack.  Ingber shared Aniston’s daily diet is a “Zone type” which consists of 40% calories from carbs, 30% from fat and 30% from protein.  “Jen’s very into keeping filled with protein, and you can see the result of that,” notes Ingber.  “You can see the lean muscles.  That’s also due to exercise and yoga, but it’s also about what you put into your body.”

3. Breathe deeply.  You can call it meditation or just keep it simple with a just a few minutes of breathing.  Ingber advises setting a timer for 5-minutes when awaking in the morning and before going to bed at to mindfully breath.  “You can sit up straight on a pillow or with your feet on the floor.  Keeping a nice straight spine, you want your knees slightly lower than your hips.  Then you start to focus on your breath moving in and out of your nose.  Notice the pause at the end of the inhale and then at the end of the exhale.  Bringing your attention to those pauses is where all the action is”, says Ingber.  If your thoughts drift, that’s ok and completely normal, she added.  Being consistent with this will promote better-quality, weight loss-promoting rest.

4. Improve your mood with this yoga move.  Lifting your mood from bad to good can be powerful and can completely change your day, but how can one yoga move do this?  “Back bends invigorate the spine and open the chest, allowing more oxygen into the lungs,” says Ingber.  “To life your mood, try a bridge pose: Lie on your back, with knees bent, feet placed on the floor.  Press your hips up, with arms down by your sides.  If you feel confident, clasp your hands and wriggle onto your shoulders.  Take five deep breaths before you lower.”


5. Sweat it out.  Ingber calls it detoxing, sharing that Aniston loves an infrared sauna after a workout, but there’s a much simpler way to do this.  “I love taking a really hot epsom salt bath,” she says.  “It’ll really make you sweat and help you detoxify and eliminate anything that isn’t supporting your overall wellness.”

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