5 easy ways to beat belly bloat

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Your jeans won’t zip up, you feel uncomfortable and look a few months pregnant, what’s going on?  It can creep up on you or play a part of your everyday but either way, belly bloat is the worst.  Here are 5 easy way to beat belly bloat for good!

  1. Eat cucumbers.  You’ve hear about using cucumbers to reduce the puffiness under your eyes, well they can do the same thing for your belly.  This very special vegetable contains an antioxidant called quercetin that helps reduce swelling and inflammation.
  2. Do Yoga.  There is no better form of exercise to flatten your belly and wring out all of your organs than yoga.  You won’t believe the gas that you’ll pass with some of the twisting poses the practice takes you through.  Check out the best yoga DVD’s here.
  3. Eat bananas.  This fruit, along with avacodos, oranges and even pistachio nuts help prevent water retention and have a direct affect on the sodium levels in your body; which can be one of the #1 causes of bloat.  They also contain fiber to keep you regular.
  4. Eat more yogurt.  A food that will directly affect your digestive tract and regulate your digestion is one that contains probiotics.  Hopefully your doctor has talked to you about the importance of getting good bacteria into your gut to kill the bad; it’s essential for good overall health.
  5. Eat asparagus.  This superfood helps to flush the excess water out of your body by making you pee more; which reduces bloat.  Yes, your pee will smell a little different after eating asparagus but just let that be a reminder to you that you’ve done something good for your body because it also reduces gas and contains fiber that helps maintain digestive health.

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