10 reasons why jumping on a trampoline is the best and safest cardio you can do

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Cardiovascular exercise is necessary for weight loss but most importantly, for your health.  We now know that most cardio workouts can do serious damage over time to your knees, hips and joints, so finding exercise that is kind to your body is essential.  Rebounding for just 20-minutes (jumping on a trampoline) is that exercise and here’s 10 reasons why it’s the best and safest cardio you can do.

1. Rebounding boosts your immune system and keeps you healthy.

2. Rebounding reduces body fat enabling you to lose weight.

3. Rebounding stimulates all internal organs and keeps your blood pumping.

4. Rebounding increases bone density keeping you stronger as you grow older.

5. Rebounding keeps your eyes strong because of the concentration it takes to do it.

rebounder with bar-1
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6. Rebounding improves your digestion keeping you regular with less bloat.

7. Rebounding improves agility enabling you to move in ways you once couldn’t.

8. Rebounding detoxifies your body, cleansing it through perspiration.

9. Rebounding is aerobic so it works the heart muscle; essential for good health.

10. Rebounding increases your energy, keeping you going all day.

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