Top 10 Mental Benefits of Exercise; Feel Better

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We already know that exercise is a must for maintaining good health and certainly makes you look fit and sculpted, but there’s a third positive benefit to moving your body considered to be just as important.  Your mind plays a key role in your everyday life, how you feel about yourself and everything around you; exercise positively affects your mental state.

Here are the top 10 mental benefits of exercise; start feeling better today.

  1. Exercise reduces anxiety.  
  2. Exercise boosts concentration.
  3. Exercise will improve your mood no matter how badly you might be feeling.
  4. Exercise boosts confidence; you’ll like and believe in yourself more.
  5. Exercise improves brain function; you’ll actually feel smarter and sharper.
  6. Exercise fights depression by increasing your seritonin levels in the brain.
  7. Exercise improves character.
  8. Exercise makes you feel better especially when consistent.
  9. Exercise increases pain tolerance.
  10. Exercise plays a role in fighting addiction.

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