Sleep or Exercise; what takes priority?

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This question is asked quite often.  Sleep or exercise?  You’ve set the alarm with the intension of getting up early to workout, but when it goes off you feel so exhausted you can barely open your eyes. Or you’ve had long day and you’re tired, but you are wondering if you should push yourself to workout. So what do you do? Sleep or exercise, what should take priority?

Sleep and exercise are intertwined and work hand in hand. A study conducted at North Western University by the Professor of Neurology, Dr. Phyllis Zee, found that at least 7 hours of sleep each day enabled participants to achieve longer quality workouts. In comparison, those with fewer than 7 hours of sleep had shorter less productive workouts.

In addition, research shows that longer deeper sleep restores the body while also enabling  it to build more muscle after a good workout. Therefore, the answer to the question is, sleep takes priority over inefficient exercise. Making the effort to rest the body first will not only keep you healthier as a whole, it will enable you to exercise more efficiently while getting better results.

It can’t go without be said, quality exercise, whatever it might be, yoga or circuit training, does trigger a better night sleep. So be sure to get your zzzzz’s each day and schedule exercise accordingly.

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