8 Life changing benefits of a good night’s sleep

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Americans are more exhausted than ever, almost always walking around in a daze because of jam-packed schedules.  Then we have a tendency to watch a television show over going to sleep as we try to wind down at the end of each day; which can be detrimental in itself.  But sleep is so essential to our health, it can even take priority over exercise at times, learn more about this here.

Here are the best benefits of a good night’s sleep:

  1. Sleep enables the body to repair itself reducing the risk of serious health issues.
  2. Sleep improves mood triggering the chemical production and release of endorphins
  3. Sleep reduces the risk of obesity.
  4. Sleep increases sexual desire.
  5. Sleep improves your overall performance at work, school and at home.
  6. Sleep enables you to have more efficient workouts, learn more about his here.
  7. Sleep lowers your risk for diabetes.
  8. Sleep improves your eating habits; being tired leads to the munchies like smoking pot

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Sleep or exercise; which one takes priority?

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