For your body to keep changing, your workouts MUST change; here’s why

Yes, all of these workouts are mine, I change it up quite a bit. But, check out my top 10 favorites that provide the best results by clicking the picture.

While watching the news this morning, I was reminded of this fact that’s quite simple and applies to most things in life.  If you keep doing the same thing everyday, you’re only going to get the same results.  This also applies to our bodies in a very big way.

Sure, you love the way your body looks today from your running routine, but why wouldn’t you want it to look even better?  More cut?  Stronger?  More toned?  In order for your body to keep changing, your workouts MUST also change.  Plus, there’s the benefit of maintaining motivation, beating bordom and staying excited for each workout.

In a nutshell, your body will plateau when it adapts to what you’re asking it to do, so you’ll stop seeing results when you stop challenging it.  Variety is the spice of life and confusing your body so that it can’t adapt will produce continuous results.  Here’s an example of a week-long workout schedule that you’ll see and feel.

SundayYoga for Strength-This will challenge your strength from head to toe while stretching your entire body out in preparation for the week.  There’s also a flexibility workout option included.  Check it out here.

MondayKickbox FastFix-NEVER MISS A MONDAY; Cardio is almost always a must for Mondays to balance out the extra calories we usually take in over the weekend.  Do one or all three 20-minute workouts depending on how much time you have.  Check it out here.

TuesdayExtreme Shed and Shred-Circuit traing must also play a role within your workout routine and this program doesn’t disappoint, it’s fun, challenging and gets your heartbeat up.  Check it out here.

Wednesday-Sculpting the body with a barre type workout like The Ballet Physique will tighten your butt, sculpt your thighs and strengthen your arms like you won’t believe.  Check it out here.

Thursday-Another day for cardio to keep burning the fat while your continuing to tighten and tone your body.  Another great cardio workout is Ripped in 30; offering a choice of four 24-minute workouts that combine it all, check it out here.

Friday-DAY OFF; because everyone needs one, especially after a long week of tough workouts to allow the body to heal.  Plus, it’s Friday, go out, enjoy happy hour, see friends and celebrate a successful week!

Saturday-Perfect day to step up the routine with longer, more intense exercises, since you probably have more time, like Power Circuit Training with Jackie Warner, one tough trainer who offers a 45-minute body blasting workout.  Check it out here.

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