How to lose weight without dieting; 5 tricks

You hear it all the time, eat less and move more, right?  Well how do you eat less? Over the years I’ve found ways to do just that with these 5 tricks.

1. Use a smaller plate or bowl.  It’s that simple, if you have less area to put food, you’ll put less food on your plate.  If you feel that you’re still hungry afterwards, drink a glass of water and wait 15-20 minutes because you might not be.

2. Do less cardio, instead do more strength-training and sculpting exercises.  Cardio will make you hungry and you may end up eating all the calories burned.  Plus, the more muscle you have, the more calories burned at rest.

3. Eat more protein throughout the day and within every meal.  You’ll eat less food while feeding your muscles, making them stronger.  Add avocado, grilled chicken or a hard-boiled egg to your salad greens to really make an impact.  Snack on nuts to keep hunger in control.

4. Order an appetizer instead of a meal at restaurants.  Or when ordered a meal, ask the server to pack up 1/2 before serving it to you. Or share the meal with your friends.

5. Drink an 8oz glass of water before each meal and continue to drink water throughout.  Sometimes we think we’re hungry when actually we’re just thirsty.

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